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About Us

Genaro Pelayo started Genaro's Cleaning Service in 2000, and by working hard alongside his wife Bertha, they have been able to establish a business that is successful and with positive reviews from customers all over the East Bay Area.

Genaro and Bertha came to the U.S. from their homeland of Mexico in 1981and have four children (2 boys and 2 girls). By being honest and fair and going the extra mile for all of their clients, Genaro's Cleaning Services is flourishing and providing exemplary service to all of its existing and new customers.

"We are flexible and I think people really appreciate that," Genaro explained. "By stressing quality and making that #1, we are able to keep our current customers and get new ones all the time. Much of the new work that we get is from referrals from our existing customer base. Once we're able to show them that we are thorough, fast and easy to work with, they tell their friends about Genaro's Cleaning Service."

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